Hair Price List



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Cut & Finish



Restyle £49.00
Dry Trim £29.00
Blow Dry Short Hair £23.00
Long Hair £29.00
Hair Up Styling from £45.00-£55.00
Semi - Permanent Colour £40.00
Toner £16.00
Roots Retouch £37.00
Full Head Colour £50.00
T-Section foils H/L £46.00
Half head foils H/L £58.00
Full head foils H/L £75.00

Cap H/L





All of our foil highlights with an overall colour on top will be charged at £16.00 extra depending on the overall hair length


Full Head Short Hair £58.00
Long Hair £69.00
Retouch £45.00

Intense Conditioning Treatments

Treatment shampoo and conditioners used for specific hair types, including head message. from £5.00


Cut and Finish £24.00
Colour from £22.00
Highlights from £27.00


Dry Cut under 5 years £11.00
Cut and Finish under 5 years £16.00
Dry Cut Girl under 12 £17.00

Cut and Finish

Dry Cut

Cut and Finish

Girl under 12

Girl 12 - 16

Girl 12-16




Dry Cut Boy under 12 £17.00
Cut and Finish Boy under 12 £19.00


Headlines by Wella from £38.00
Dulcia Tonica from £49.00

Prices on consultation as costs will differ depending on what length and type of wave is required.

Hair Relaxing for Women and Men

L'oreal from £49.00

All colour, permanent waving and hair relaxing prices do not include a Cut and Finish.

Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment

Keratin complex smoothing treatment conditions and shines by infusing keratin deep into the cuticle of the hair. This smoothing treatment eliminates up to 95% of frizz and curl from the hair. Our clients say that their hair is more manageable and easier to maintain, reducing styling time. It leaves their hair looking silky, soft and regenerated.

Keratin Complex from £165.00

Prices on consultation as costs will differ depending on what length & hair type.

Great Length Hair Extensions

Great lengths are the world leader in hair extensions, providing veratile pre bonded human hair. Great lengths hair is of guaranteed origin and can be used to add length, volume, colour, texture to transform any look. Our hair extension team are trained in the lastest techniques and are passionate about the products they use. 

Book in for a free consultation, advice and price. 

Patch Testing

All colour clients are strongly advised to have a patch test done 48 hours before, free of charge prior to attending their appointment and updated on a six monthly basis. We at Sassy are dedicated to our clients well-being and would urge you to keep a note when you need your patch testing updating.