Temporary removal of unwanted hair.

Waxing is a quick, effective and hygienic method to removing unwanted hair on the face and the body. Hair needs to be half a centimetre in length, this it to make sure the hair is removed successfully. The re-growth can be waxed between 2-8 weeks depending on the speed of the growth. We use LYCON hot wax for all hollywood and brazilian waxes, hairs can be as short as 1mm for this waxing.

½ Leg 30mins £17.00
¾ Leg 40mins £22.00
Full Leg 45mins £25.00
Full Leg & Bikini 45mins £35.00
Underarm 30mins £12.00
Full Arm 30mins £17.00
½ Arm 15mins £12.00
Bikini Line 15mins £12.00
Brazilian 45mins £30.00
Hollywood 45mins £30.00
Lip 15mins £8.00
Chin 15mins £8.00
Back / Chest Wax 30mins from £20.00